Supply Chain

It is our responsibility to provide sufficient seed quantities and to make it available to our customers around the world in the best possible quality.

We have global crop specialists available to manage our global seed supply. Our processes, equipment, technologies, procedures and systems are globally standardized and linked, to guarantee the best seed supply to our customers at the local and global level.
This is all done from our three majorvegetable seed supply chain centers:
  • Parma, Idaho (United States)
  • Nunhem (The Netherlands)
  • Hyderabad (India)
Along with four satellite centers:
  • Santiago (Chile)
  • Marbach (Germany)
  • Gurgaon (India)
  • Beijing (China)


We translate forecasted sales demand into a strategic global supply plan prepared to efficiently utilize global operational resources. The goal is to insure timely availability and delivery to our customers. This is accomplished via a coordinated global/ local crop approach.

Seed Production

The seed production team works with growers in more than 21 countries managing, organizing and monitoring crop techniques and procedures from planting through harvest and delivery. To ensure high standards of quality, these hybrid crops are grown on propriatary farms or contracted with experienced and trusted seed growers. Global diversification allow us to produce in both the northern and southern hemisphere placing our crops in the best areas of the world to safeguard our seed supply.

Country Sites

Country Sites